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Our Story - Past, Present, and Future

Continental Golf began in 1972 as a 600 square foot repair shop in the heart of downtown Raleigh, NC. Two brothers, Julian and John Bunn, become well respected for their expert knowledge in golf club repair. Their particular specialty was refinishing wooden clubs and their ability to restore these clubs to look as if they were brand new. Servicing the local golf courses and country clubs, the Bunn brothers relied on personal references to expand their small business. Golf professionals in the area returned business to their shop for the high quality and quick return.

Over 40 years later, Continental Golf is still the expert repair center Julian and John Bunn began in that small shop.  Continental Golf now operates out of a 8,000 square foot building and still has one of the largest golf club repair facilities in the Eastern United States.  We offer services to everyone from golf courses, golf professionals and the individual golfer.  Our services have grown to include every major type of club repair.  Our inventory includes over 4,000 golf shafts from most major shaft manufacturers from the Ping ZZ Lite shafts of the late 70s to the latest shafts models of today.  This inventory allows us to be able to put the you into the right shaft for your needs.


Our metal wood refinishing department has developed a seven step finish to ensure your refinished club will look exactly as it did the day you purchased it.  Our 400 foot Spray Booth enables  us to refinish hundreds of clubs weekly.  From the latest finishes for golf clubs such as the Candy Apple refinishing to factory finishes, our metal wood refinishing is the best in the business. 

We also perform general repair work that includes grooving iron heads, iron tumble refinishing, gripping, and general club repair.  Our staff of Certified Repair Technicians with over 130 years of repair experience undergo regular training and information review sessions to ensure they understand the latest innovations of golf club repair.  Please review our catalog to learn more about Continental Golf and our repair capabilities.


Professional Accounts  (800) 544-7128


Julian W. Bunn III President - (919) 833-8887


John B. Bunn Vice-President Facilities Co-ordinator - (919) 833-8887

Justin Tripp - Master Fitter - (919) 833-8887


Stuart James Sales and Customer Service (919) 833-8887

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