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Custom Fitting Process

Our customers will experience our detailed fitting process were we will ensure that they have the right clubs to shoot their best scores. We fit for the entire golf bag, Driver, Fairway Metals, Hybrids, Driving Irons, Irons, Wedges, and Putters.

John Bunn and Justin Tripp are both master fitters, We use The Mizuno shaft Optimizer Pin n Flight Launch monitor. John and Justin have 57 years of fitting experience between them. We have the experience to any golfer with any swing. Getting fit is an experience that everyone enjoys!!

The Ping nFlight system is perfect to compare different iron and/or woods. We study your performance using different clubs and compare 8 vital stats on each of your swings in our swing flight monitor with the Ping nFlight system.


  1. BALL SPEED — lets us know which club and shaft combination is the best weight for your swing.

  2. LAUNCH ANGLE — lets us know at your ball launch speed what clubs to select to maximize your distance.

  3. BACK SPIN — lets us select the right club to maximize the flight time of your ball. Too much spin will cause your shots to balloon and to little spin will not keep the ball long enough in the air.

  4. SHOT BEND — lets us know how much you fade or hook you ball and helps select club configurations that can help aliviate these problems.

  5. VERTICAL LANDING — lets us know the angle of descent as the ball lands. This will determine ball roll-out with each shot.

  6. OFFLINE — this plus Shot Bend lets us know how far off target line each ball goes. again,  this helps us select club configurations that can help aliviate these problems.

  7. CARRY DISTANCE — this plus Back Spin lets us know how far each ball will carry in the air.

  8. TOTAL DISTANCE — this gives us the sum of the Carry Distance and the roll out.

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